Not a Bitter Pill: What is Compounding?

If you take a lot of medications or struggle to take those you've been prescribed, then compounding services could greatly improve your quality of life.  However, a good many people don't even know they exist.  Though it can be expensive, the results that can be achieved are almost certainly worth paying for, especially if you're currently in a lot of discomfort.  With this guide, you can arm yourself with a good understanding of what this service can offer you and whether they're suitable for your needs.

What is compounding?

Let's start with the basics.  Essentially, compounding is the process of adapting medication to suit a specific patient's needs.  They can replace ingredients or change the format of a medication.

What can this do for me?

For example, if you are unable to swallow the pills you've been given, compounding can transfer them into another form so that they're injectable.  It can also be used to avoid allergic reactions, enabling you to access a vital medication that was previously off-limits to you due to your body chemistry.  It can also be used to make more minor changes, such as the flavor of your medication or its texture.

Is it safe?

Granted, it's an extremely complicated process - but professional compounding services are subject to all the same pharmaceutical safety regulations as any other company dealing with medications and your health.  You can rest assured that any product produced for you is perfectly safe and suitable to your needs.  After all, that's what you're paying for.

Do I need to be a professional to access this service?

No - compounding services are available to private clients.  They do work with medical professionals where necessary, but you don't need to be qualified or certified in any way to speak to them or place an order.

Can they prescribe me new medicine?

The service is purely designed to adapt medication that a doctor feels you require.  They cannot, for example, design you a custom pain relief medication without the consent of a qualified medical professional who has your best interests at heart.  However, they can certainly work with medications you have been unable to use before.  For example, they can remove a non-active ingredient in a previous painkiller you were offered that gave you an allergic reaction.  It's all about giving you new options and greater comfort.

Again, the service can be expensive, but if you currently struggle with a lot of uncomfortable medications or are being prevented from taking a specific pill by your allergies, then compounding services could be the exact solution you need.